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Will You Help a Child Go to Camp?


Every donation goes directly to help a child go to Gross Out Camp

Kids at Gross Out Camp
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Their short lives have seen enough tragedy to write a book. And they were the best Gross Out campers we had last year. They were hungry: for knowledge, for normalcy. Thanks to a generous donor, they were able to come to camp. 


Will you help change the lives of more children? These siblings want to come back to camp – there is so much more to learn. They need scholarships, as do other children just like them.  Your donation goes directly to provide a scholarship for a child.  


Through life-changing experiences at Gross Out Camp, you can provide a brighter future for children who just need a little help. At camp, they learn so much, about science, about critical thinking, about making friends, about themselves and the world.


Why is science education important? It is where children learn to THINK. With science, there are actions and consequences, rules and room for creativity, As Science for All Americans points out, children with a good science education become better citizens, healthier and earn more money.


Please help us provide opportunities for education to every child through your generous donation. It is an investment in everyone’s future.


Fresh Air Family is a tax-deductible non-profit dedicated to science and outdoor education. 

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