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If It's Gross, We've Got It!

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We guarantee tired, dirty children who experience real learning! 
Camps are open for summer 2020!
We have small, outdoor camps, with 20 max attendance, that will be divided into 10 per instructor, we will practice social distancing, use lots of hand sanitizer, and only wear masks indoors.
We will check temperatures as well. 
"I aced 9th grad biology! It was all about what I learned in Gross Out Camp!" former camper. 
"How did this student get so advanced in science?" asked a teacher - the answer: GROSS OUT CAMP! 40 hours of hands-on field biology.

Snakes, a red-tailed hawk, crawdads, roly poly races, slime and polar, non-polar molecules – all of this plus the freedom to explore the natural world, comprise Fresh Air Family's award-winning Gross Out Camp. It is the kind of science children love: hands-on, a bit disgusting, and all taking place in the Great Outdoors. It's the natural habitat for children!  We offer campers the opportunity to learn, and they do, in spades, real spades as they dig up decomposers, i.e. worms and roly polies. All of our lessons are based on design-thinking -- which creates critical thinking skills. 

It is also fun -- because we believe nothing is more fun than learning!  With hands-on activities in summer camp, we address every learning style so that every child can be successful. Using self-directed studies, the children can learn at their own pace -- and focus on what they are interested in. 

Here's the technical stuff:

Gross Science

In this award-winning science camp, hands-on science experiments engage campers in biology, chemistry and physics-- as it relates to the gross wonders of the world!

The Gross Outdoors

Each day, campers will get outdoors and explore in nature! Campers learn through hands-on ecology and environmental science observations and experiments. 


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Fresh Air Family: www.FreshAirFamily.org




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Birmingham, AL 35232

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Camper, NOW junior counselor, holding one of our favorite decomposers.